Welcome Curlers!

As we begin a new season at the Coaldale Granite Club,  I would like to extend a welcome to curling membership new to the sport, curlers new to Coaldale and/or our club and of course to our returning members.

Your Board of Directors has put in a busy summer planning the season, preparing strategies for our future and reacting to unexpected issues; such as the minor overhaul required on the ice plant!   We have managed to obtain a grant to purchase some ice equipment and have made some physical improvements to our club this summer.   On behalf of the membership, we would like to thank the Town of Coaldale for their support and financial contribution towards the upgrades.

We are fortunate to have Darren Moulding back as our ice technician.  We feel that due to Darren’s dedication we have what could arguably be said some of the best curling ice in the Province of Alberta.  

We are pleased to announce Shaunda Allen will be operating our kitchen for the upcoming Curling Season.

We are working on some special events for the club and look forward to an exciting year ahead with the hope that our members and visitors alike will share that excitement and provide their support for our endeavours on their behalf.

Regards and

Coaldale Granite Club



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